During 2015-2020, “Pro-Business Nord” (PBN), with the financial support of the World Jewish Relief (WJR) is implementing the Project LEADER -“Local Economic Advancement by Developing Entrepreneurs’ social Responsibility”.

Goal: To improve the socio-economic situation of the community of Republic of Moldova and on the both banks of the Dniester River by stimulating the development of small and medium enterprises based on an innovative approach.

Objective I: To empower people actively involved in the socio-economical life of their community by means of professional, business, and livelihoods skills through educational services.

Objective II: To strengthen the technical capacity of the entrepreneurs through grant support and coaching services.

Objective III: To increase the competences of Moldovan entrepreneurs regarding their role in the social development of their communities.

 Project Components: 

  1. Target Group:
  • Women and men who want to start and develop their business and need to receive and develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • Beginner entrepreneurs who have launched their businesses and are planning to create at least 2-3 new work places.
  • Advanced entrepreneurs, successful developing their business and planning to create at least 5 new work places. 
  1. Activities to achieve the goal and objectives:
  • Trainings aimed to strengthen personal skills and professional development;
  • Courses for the development of business and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Activities based on Distance-Learning Portal: training services, consulting and informing services;
  • Consulting services: individual consultations, accounting services, etc.
  • Networking support: thematic roundtables, meetings based on common interests, exchange of information, dissemination of successful practices, personal and professional interactions;
  • Grant technical support;
  • Support the development of closed cycles: producer-consumer/production-sales;
  • Introduction of innovative methods and technologies in different fields of microenterprise activities;
  • Transferring best practices in different fields of economic activities based on effective production methods, a better market access and spread of knowledge and new technologies through networking and direct contacts with strategic stakeholders’ businesses partners.