On June 21 in Rybnitsa city Pro Business Nord, within the framework of the LEADER Project and with financial support from World Jewish Relief, held a competition of business plans developed by Project participants who completed basic business training in the period May-June of the current year. All participants demonstrated an excellent level of knowledge about business planning, as well as a high level of motivation and readiness to create their own business. According to the results of the competition, members of the independent Commission of Experts chose three business projects as the most promising, and recommended them to be provided to the donor for the provision of grant support.


The PBN's initiative for the development of the Women's Entrepreneurial Network was supported by thirty-five more initiative women; these are residents of Glodeni, Edinet and a number of nearby villages: Funduri Vechi, Petrunea, Viisoara, Brinzeni, Corpaci.

In the period from June 6 to 13, two new groups began to study the basics of business and business planning in the framework of the Women's Entrepreneurial Network Development Project. The training was organized by the initiative and partner support of employees of the economic department of the District Council of Glodeni town and the leaders of the District Council of Edinet town.

Upon completion of training, women will develop and submit business projects for the competition, in order to gain a financial support as a grant to implement their business ideas.

On the 8th of June of the current year, within the framework of the Women's Entrepreneurial Network Development Project, a group of Project participants, consisting of 18 residents of the villages of Briceni district, such as: Berlinti, Caracusenii Noi, Drepcauti, Grimancauti visited the shop-bakery which belongs to Violeta Mustеatа in Balti city.With great interest, they got acquainted with the products and production process; they actively communicated with the business owner, asking her questions regarding the recipes, the technological process, the retail and the whole of this type of business.


On June 12, a trip to Pridnestrovie was organized for the group of participants in the Women's Entrepreneurship Network Development Project, residents of the Briceni and Glodeni districts, as well as from Balti to the cities of Dubassary and Rybnitsa, in order to hold events for the exchange of experience and acquaintance with successful examples of the development of both small business and social entrepreneurship.

In Dubossary city of, one of the events was held in the open air, on a nearby field of farmers-entrepreneurs willing to share their experience. The following topics were discussed during the seminar: growing fruits and vegetables (including exotic ones) in greenhouses and in the open ground; the picking, storage and selling of them. The host, represented by Zinaida Zamoyskaya, showed her hospitality and graciously presented to all interested participants of the trip seedling material, seeds and bushes of various fruit and berry plants. Showing their courtesy, the guests of the seminar donated floral planting material to the hostess as a gift.

The second event in the city of Dubossary allowed women to get acquainted with the example of another successful business. They visited the owner of the soft ice cream business, where they got acquainted with the technological and production processes with great interest, actively communicated with him and asked him a number of questions regarding this type of business activity. And by the end of the visit, everyone who wished, with pleasure, tasted different sorts, with several of additives of this delicacy.

Then all the Project's participants visited Rybnitsa city for further participation in the planned activities. In the BlinOK cafe at the "Hesed Rachel" Public Charitable Organization, the Round Table was organized and held for them on the social entrepreneurship development model, moderated by Zinaida Sergeeva, the head of the organization and the director of the cafe. There was a lively active discussion in the hall, everyone appreciated such experience and achievements in developing and running a business, which makes it possible to get a stable income and solve the issues of organizing leisure and providing nutrition for the elderly.

After tasting dishes prepared in the cafe, the second event was a master class on making and decorating the dough for gingerbreads and spice cakes, organized and conducted by the owner of this business, Grischuk Alla. The event turned out to be very spectacular, informative and entertaining, where women, in addition to their practical skills in creating and decorating gingerbread products, got acquainted with the history of the origin of this type of business, its rich and colorful assortment. During the implementation of the prepared presentation, great attention was paid to the issues of product promotion and its packaging. Also the business owner shared her plans for the future.

This day was such an eventful and long-lasting for the project participants... New information, new types of business, new contacts and new ideas...


On May 16 – 18  this year 30 initiative women from Floresti and Briceni districts began to learn the basics of entrepreneurship and business planning as part of a project to develop a women's business network.

This Project realized by “Pro-Business Nord” is sponsored by the Program for the Development of Cooperation and the Promotion of Democracy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania and with the financial assistance of the  World Jewish Relief.

Also, during the trainings, women were able to get acquainted with the example of a successful business by visiting a private bakery in the city of Balti.  They actively talked with the owner and asked her questions about this type of business, with interest familiarized with the technological process  and as well as tasted bakery products.


During the period of May 16-18 of this year, the Public Association “Pro-Business Nord” organized and carried out a number of activities within the framework of a Project launched in March titled: „Women Entrepreneurial Networking – an excellent environment for economic empowerment of Moldovan women through training, information and communication “

This project is sponsored by the Program for the Development of Cooperation and the Promotion of Democracy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania and with the financial assistance of the "World Jewish Relief". The PBN's partner at the regional level in the implementation of this project is the Regional Development Agency - ADR Nord.

This pilot Project implemented by “Pro-Business Nord” is aimed at empowering more than 200 Moldovan women who want to start or develop their own business, which will create opportunities to enhance their socio-economic development and advancement in local communities.

The main tasks solved in the project:

  1. Providing information and consulting support to project participants in order to introduce modern advanced business practices.
  2. Improving the professional and practical skills of women for the successful development of their business.
  3. Contribute to the strengthening of technical capacity for women's entrepreneurship through the provision of grant support.
  4. Strengthening the interaction and cooperation between the participants of the project for the long term perspective on the basis of informal network, its constant development and expansion.



In February and March of this year, within the framework of the LEADER Project, there were organized and successfully conducted practical trainings on effective business planning and development of entrepreneurial skills for 32 initiative citizens and entrepreneurs - residents of the cities of Balti and Dubossary.  In April a presentation of business projects developed by participants of trainings will be held in order to receive financial support from the donor to develop their entrepreneurial initiatives.

The LEADER project, aimed at supporting the development of entrepreneurship on both banks of the Dniester River, is implemented by PBN in 2019 with financial support from World Jewish Relief.

Pro-Business Nord, in continuation of the LEADER Project, in the period of July - December of the current year, organized and conducted 6 practical trainings on teaching of the basics of entrepreneurship and business planning for 95 initiative citizens and entrepreneurs, residents of the cities of Drochia, Balti, Glodeni, Rybnitsa, Singerey and villages of Singerey district, who wish to create or expand their business. For participants of the trainings were held business plan competitions in order to develop their own business projects; the best of them were recommended to the donor for financial support.

The LEADER Project aimed for support and development of the entrepreneurship on both banks of the Dniester River is being implemented by PBN with the financial support of the World Jewish Relief (WJR) from 2015 to 2019. The aim of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic situation of the society by stimulating the development of small business and promotion of a social entrepreneurship's model.