During the period of May 16-18 of this year, the Public Association “Pro-Business Nord” organized and carried out a number of activities within the framework of a Project launched in March titled: „Women Entrepreneurial Networking – an excellent environment for economic empowerment of Moldovan women through training, information and communication “

This project is sponsored by the Program for the Development of Cooperation and the Promotion of Democracy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania and with the financial assistance of the "World Jewish Relief". The PBN's partner at the regional level in the implementation of this project is the Regional Development Agency - ADR Nord.

This pilot Project implemented by “Pro-Business Nord” is aimed at empowering more than 200 Moldovan women who want to start or develop their own business, which will create opportunities to enhance their socio-economic development and advancement in local communities.

The main tasks solved in the project:

  1. Providing information and consulting support to project participants in order to introduce modern advanced business practices.
  2. Improving the professional and practical skills of women for the successful development of their business.
  3. Contribute to the strengthening of technical capacity for women's entrepreneurship through the provision of grant support.
  4. Strengthening the interaction and cooperation between the participants of the project for the long term perspective on the basis of informal network, its constant development and expansion.