“Success has always been a child of courage.”  
                        François-Marie Arouet Voltaire

Project “Local Economic Advancement by Developing Entrepreneurs’ social Responsibility” (LEADER)

The Project “Local Economic Advancement by Developing Entrepreneurs’ social Responsibility” (LEADER) is realized in the North of the Republic of Moldova, with the financial support of the World Jewish Relief (WJR)...

E-learning school

The E-Learning Platform was created by AO “Pro-Business Nord” under the Project ”Women’s Career Development Program” with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development – USAID...



Ruslana is a woman of 42 years old. She is married for the second time and has a child. Being of Jewish nationality, a few years ago, she received the citizenship of Israel and left there for permanent residence. But due to some language obstacles, Ruslana together with her child returned to Moldova, but her husband remained there. Before coming to PBN, Ruslana couldn’t find a work place and asked for help from the Project. The fact that she was missing a few years out of the country and lost her previous place of work has complicated the situation. PBN advised her to pass the trainings provided within the LIFE Project, which would help her to refresh her knowledge (she is an accountant by profession), to learn about all the changes in Moldovan Legislation and recommended for her a new work place. Now Ruslana is working and at the same time she studies in the Accounting Group within the LIFE Project.