The NGO "Pro-Business Nord" (PBN), with financial support from DVV International Moldova, launched the project “«Labour Club» - Mechanism for Unemployment Reduction” for the period June-November 2014.


  • Provide educational, informational and consulting support for no more than 105 unemployed people in Balti and its component villages: Elizaveta and Sadovoe.
  • Empower vulnerable people to make their independent life choices that will improve their social and economic welfare through employment.


1. Target Groups

Project beneficiaries are the unemployed people registered at the Territorial Employment Agency of Balti and its component villages: Elizaveta and Sadovoe. Each group consists of women and men of different professions aged between 18 and 55 years. 

2. Trainings on personal development for employment

There will be formed 8 groups, the total number of project beneficiaries being (about) 100 people, 12-14 people in each group.

The training program includes the following modules:

• Motivation and goal achievement;

• The effectiveness and the importance of communication;

• Methods of career planning and job searching;

• Self-knowledge - the basis of professional orientation;

• CV writing;

• Participation in interview;

• Adapting to the new workplace;

• Team work;

• Stress Management;

• Conflict Management;

• Professional skills development. 

 3. Informational Support

Project beneficiaries will have access to the Distance Learning School, where there are 3 Modules on "Personal Development": "Skills Development for Professional Growth", "Basic guide for improving professional skills" and "Strengthening professional development skills".

The registered beneficiaries can independently follow the link and find additional and already studied material.

For more information

Contact person: Svetlana Costetscaia

Mobile phone: +373 (675) 91624

Tel / fax: +373 (231) 20038

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.