PBN with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Grant CA № 121-A-00-09-00703-00 Project " Women's Career Development Program" (WCDP) scores in 2014 and 2015 a new direction for the program "Microenterprise Development".
Program Objective: To support and encourage women in the northern region of the RM development initiatives through their entrepreneurial skills to create and promote their own business.

Components of the Program:

1. Training support
11 teams will be organized for training and 165 beneficiaries interested in creating your own business, gaining knowledge and skills for effective business planning, as well as in the development of personal, business and leadership skills. The training program includes the following modules:

  •     Business Registration and Legislation of RM;
  •     Management of Personnel Management;
  •     Marketing and effective sales techniques;
  •     Accounting;
  •     Financial management;
  •     Management of the enterprise;
  •     Business planning;
  •     Effective Leadership.

Successful participants will be able to further training programs to continue their education at the business seminars in the area of ​​business law, tax, labor, customs, accounting and taxation. Also they will be able to send their employees for training established companies to prepare them for the following specialties: accountant, salesman, cashier, secretary office.

2. Financial support 
Trained for granted the right to participate in the program by submitting grant support on a competitive basis they developed business plans. Amount of grants in the amount of 3.000 to 15. 000 lei can be directed to the acquisition of goods, materials, inventory items, furniture, appliances.

3. Information and consulting support:
All participants in the program can receive support in the following areas:

  •    To individual consultations for the establishment and registration of the enterprise;
  •     Individual consultations to develop a business plan for a loan;
  •     Individual counseling in the field of accounting and tax accounting;
  •     Information and access to library resources of the organization PBN, including the methodical literature specialized journals, electronic database of normative legal acts of the RM;
  •     Access to the resources Distance Learning School.