“Livelihoods Integration for Fostering Empowerment” (LIFE)

During 2012-2015, “Pro Business Nord” (PBN) implements the Project “Livelihoods Integration for Fostering Empowerment” (LIFE) in the North of the Republic of Moldova, with the financial support of the World Jewish Relief (WJR).

The LIFE Project will stimulate sustainable career development, economic growth, and poverty reduction among at least 300 beneficiaries in Northern Moldova by increasing their level of education and providing access to occupational certifications and job placement. The Project is based on a close cooperation between various stakeholders from various social, business and governmental groups. Such an integrated approach appropriately addresses the needs of the project beneficiaries.

Goal: To stimulate sustainable career development, economic growth, and poverty reduction among vulnerable individuals and their communities in the Northern regions of Moldova.

Objective I: Over three years support 300 vulnerable unemployed or “working poor” individuals, especially women and ethnic minorities, to increase their level of education, provide access to occupational certifications and job placement, improve their economic welfare, and to increase their capacity for making positive and independent strategic life choices.
Objective II: Local and regional businesses gain alternatives in their access to a better qualified and more productive local workforce.
Objective III: Cultural, social, and professional communities become more tolerant towards people of different nationalities and social backgrounds.

Activities for Reaching Our Goal and Objectives:

  1. Personal Development Department: Training for Sustainable Livelihoods (TSL)
  2. Professional Development Department (according to the Training License approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova, issued in November 25, 2009)
    • Vocational Training, including internships
    • Computer Skills
    • Language Courses
    • Business/NGO Development and Management Courses
  3. Distance Learning (based on the Moodle E -Learning platform)
  4. Coaching / Continued Support Services & Community Outreach

Project Methodology

PBN’s methodology within the LIFE Project is based on a three-pronged approach:

  1. Provide Education & Training:Personal Empowerment and Professional/Vocational Development. LIFE aims to address the issues of the low social standing and self-esteem of individuals, especially women, in our local society, by providing them education, training, and support/coaching services.
  2. Foster Successful Cultural Integration:Inclusion of under-represented ethnic minorities helps to foster an environment of tolerance and community growth.
  3. Apply Innovation in Engaging Beneficiaries: Project LIFE combines the aforementioned services with PBN’s Distance Learning portal and other online and social media tools.

Expected Impact

The main objective of LIFE Project is to empower vulnerable individuals with the capabilities to make independent strategic life choices that will improve their economic and social wellbeing. The actions implemented focus on providing vulnerable women, men, and ethnic minorities in the Northern regions of Moldova, and primarily in Balti, with personal empowerment and vocational education. This will increase their opportunities for social and economic integration and nurture opportunities for economic growth within their communities.