Thirty active women supported the PBN initiative for the development of the Women's Entrepreneurship Network; these are residents of Balti city, Elizaveta village and villages: Plop, district Donduseni and Volovitsa, district Soroca.

In the period from September 10 to September 14 of this year, these women received training in the basics of entrepreneurship and business planning in the framework of the Project. The training was organized at the initiative and partner support of the heads of the administrations of the villages of Elizaveta and Volovitsa.

At the end of the courses, women will develop and submit business projects to the competition in order to receive grant support for financial implementation of their business ideas.

On September 11, as part of the Women's Entrepreneurship Network Development Project, a round table was held to exchange experience of the project participants, beginners in entrepreneurship from both banks of the Dniester River, for 14 women residents of Balti and villages of the Briceni district, as well as for 9 women starting entrepreneurs from Rybnitsa. The Round Table participants discussed with interest the course of a series of study visits to exchange experiences organized by the Project in June and August.


Also, the intermediate results of the Project to create a Women's Entrepreneurial Network were presented to their attention. So, during the period May - August, more than 70 women have already been trained in the basics of entrepreneurship and have acquired skills in developing business plans.

18 applications for financing business ideas have been submitted; 6 trips were organized and conducted to exchange experiences with women successfully developing their own business in the northern region: in Balti city, in Glodeni town and in the village of Plop district Donduseni, as well as in the cities of Dubossary and Rybnitsa.