On August 27, within the framework of the Project, 18 women, residents of Donduseni and Glodeni districts, as interested guests visited the farm of Angela Bejenari in the village of Plop, Donduseni district. There was organized a warm welcome for them and held a practical seminar on the cultivation of remontant varieties of strawberries.

Particular attention was paid to practical methods of planting and growing this crop, as well as a mechanized method of planting seedlings was demonstrated. By the end of the visit, after a lively discussion and answers to questions of interest, those who wish received gift samples of planting material.

On August 31, 4 businesswomen from Glodeni received as guests 19 women from Briceni and Donduseni districts. The purpose of the seminar is to familiarize with successful types of entrepreneurship in areas such as: growing ornamental breeds of chickens in a private household, developing types of art needlework - manufacturing products using quelling and embroidery of volumetric paintings with ribbons and organizing activities in the field of catering services. Presentation of handicrafts, acquaintance with the technique of their production, the history of each entrepreneur’s business, answers to questions, active discussions, advice and parting words and in conclusion gifts for each guest - all this will remain in the memory of the participants of this event for a long time. And again, new information, new types of business, new contacts and new ideas were provided for our project participants!

The Project “Women's Entrepreneurial Network - Excellent Potential for Strengthening the Economic Rights and Opportunities of Women of Moldova through Training, Informing and Interaction” is implemented by “Pro-Business Nord” from the funds of the Program for the Development of Cooperation and the Promotion of Democracy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania and with financial assistance - World Jewish Relief. The Regional Development Agency - ADR Nord acts as the PBN's partner at the regional level in the implementation of this Project.

The Project aims to expand the economic rights and opportunities for more than 200 Moldovan women who want to start and develop their own business, which will create opportunities for strengthening their socio-economic potential and developing local communities.