Plop village, Donduseni district

July 2015
Everything began in 2013, when at one of the seminars I found out about the effectiveness of cultivation of crops in greenhouses. Since that day, I just got the sick idea to grow strawberries in greenhouses. I decided to start with a few strawberries, and after that I began to grow them in the open field, on the ground near the house where we live. After the first harvest, my husband and I realized that the enthusiasm and desire are not enough for this, and we also need some financial support in order to develop. After receiving information from local authorities about the possibility to participate in the program, which supoprts small businesses, I did not even hesitate and immediately signed up for the courses. After the training at PBN, I prepared a business plan and financial calculations, and I was once again convinced that growing strawberries can generate a good income. When, after the presentation of the business plan, I was told that I won one of the prizes, I could not believe my ears. And now, I can't believe my eyes, that I received the so much needed equipment for the irrigation system of my strawberries.