“Success has always been a child of courage.”  
                        François-Marie Arouet Voltaire

Project “Local Economic Advancement by Developing Entrepreneurs’ social Responsibility” (LEADER)

The Project “Local Economic Advancement by Developing Entrepreneurs’ social Responsibility” (LEADER) is realized in the North of the Republic of Moldova, with the financial support of the World Jewish Relief (WJR)...

E-learning school

The E-Learning Platform was created by AO “Pro-Business Nord” under the Project ”Women’s Career Development Program” with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development – USAID...



Bahrinesti village, Floresti district

February 2015
Everyone has the right to make decisions that affect his/her future. I see my and my family's future in welfare. This prompted me to go to courses at PBN. I learned how to write a business plan and design a financial investment for future profit. Here I became more self-confident and I received support to start my own micro-enterprise. Now, with my husband and our big family, we are engaged in breeding nutria. Thanks to the won grant, we acquired all the necessary equipment for the production of feed.
I became confident in the future. Now I do not doubt that success can meet everyone on the road.

May 2015
I am glad that I decided to open my own business. I haven't even expected that we would get results so quickly. We already have 17 nutrias. We are working now on arranging the place where they are kept, and on constructing a mini pond. We are planning to buy new breed nutrias.
My entire large family is working along with me, and we know that our future is in our hands.